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Athens night skyline

Who We Are

Vangelis Poulis and Maria Stasini are professional taxi drivers.

We are a couple both at home and behind the wheel. We live and work in Athens. We know this towns' little secrets and we love to reveal them to our visiting friends.

We drive a modern, comfortable and reliable MERCEDES 211.

It's your car. We are your drivers.

Despite all difficulties, we love our job, our town, our country. We continue to smile and remain optimistic. Trust us. We will do anything in our power to make your trip memorable. Our collaboration could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

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Use our taxi and feel as if you are in your own personal means of transport, enjoying all the services we provide. Because serving you best, is our purpose in every situation.

   Arrivals - Departures

Rely on us to transfer you to or from the Athens International Airport or the ports of Pireas, Rafina & Lavrion. We will be punctual at our appointment. You will be on time.

   Child transport

We will safely transfer your children to and from school, the frondistirio or their personal fun activities.
And for younger children, we have a child safety seat so that all safety measures are covered and both you and your child are comfortable

   Business transfer

Trust us for the comfortable and safe transfer of your associates to and from meetings, conferences, business lunches and other events.


Enjoy the conveniences we provide, either by taking in the scenery or by surfing the Internet through our free Wi-Fi service. wifi logo

   Private tours

Come with us for a ride in town or an excursion outside it. Choose one of the routes we suggest below or contact us in order to organize something according to your time, wishes and needs.
One of the professional guides we work with will be at your disposal if you wish for one, as well as extra vehicles in the case of larger groups.

   Package transfers

We can deliver unaccompanied packages within as well as outside the area of Attica if you so desire.

   Credit Cards

You can pay your trip by use of credit card. We accept Master Card, Visa, Diners, American Express, Discover, Maestro. image of accepted credit cards

Private Tours


Let's go on a tour of the historic and commercial centre of Athens. We will show you the most beautiful and historic corners of our city

The Parthenon at night The Acropolis museum at dusk The Herodus Atticus Theatre The entrance to the National Arcaeological Museum The Panathenian Stadium (Kalimarmaro) The National Library

The Parthenon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The new Acropolis Museum.

The ancient theatre of Herodus Atticus and the Pnyka, the parliament of ancient Athens.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The Kalimarmaro stadium where the modern Olympic Games were revived in 1896.

See the exceptional architecture of the National Library, the Athens University and the National Academy.

See the Greek Parliament and watch the changing of the guards at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier

Walk the streets of Plaka.

Do your shopping in Monastiraki.

Taste the delicacies of the Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine.

Drink your Greek Coffee or your Ouzo at Thiseio, next to the Ancient Agora.

Head down to the sea front, to Pireas and Mikrolimano. Here, at a table right next to the sea, you can taste the freshest fish and seafood.

The Parthenon, night shot

Athens University The National Academy The Greek Parliament Monastiraki Square The Temple of Theseus The bay of mikrolimano


Come with us, outside the town but not far away, and visit corners of natural beauty and history

The tomb at Marathon

¨Run¨ the classic Marathon race route with us

We arrive in Marathon where we visit the museum and then the Tomb. We walk on the grounds of one of the most historic and epic battles in human history. We can head down towards the beach and Schoinias. Here, the forest and the sea are separated by a strip of Attica's finest sand.

The temple of Poseidopn at Sounio

Let's go to Sounio

Take a magic route along the coast. It's the famous Greek Riviera. We arrive at the Temple of Poseidon. Before us lies the deep blue Aegean Sea. The sunset is as good as it is in Santorini. Get your cameras and capture the magic.

The corinth canal

Let's go to Loutraki

A busy coastal town near Corinth, where the famous canal separates the Peloponnese from the mainland. We taste the miraculous water that comes from natural springs and is famous for its therapeutic properties. And if you are feeling lucky, you can try your luck at the nearby Casino.


Let's distance ourselves from the city and wander to small but also greater treasures of natural beauty and archaeological interest

The sanctuary of Athena at Delphi

Let's go to Delphi, the centre of the ancient world

Here lay the famous oracle, where the leaders of Greece came in search of advice before making any crucial decision. This is where Pythia, the priestess of the oracle, delivered her prophecies in a state of ecstasy. To get here, we go up the mountain and go through the quaint but cosmopolitan village of Arachova. After Delphi to go down to Galaxidi, a picturesque and full of maritime history town and carry on to beautiful Nafpaktos. We cross over to the Peloponnese on the Rio-Antirio bridge and head back to Athens via Corinth.

Mpourtzi island

Let's go to Nafplio, the first capital of Greece

Access to the Palamidi, the castle at Nafplio, was up 999 steps. Today we go by car. The rock/castle of Mpourtzi in the middle of the bay is one more gem and iconic image of the town. Slightly further away, lies Mycenae with its Acropolis, the Lions Gate and the domed Tomb of Atreus. And a small drive away is Epidauros and the ancient theatre, famous for its excellent acoustics.

The vouraikos gorge train

Let's go to Kalavryta, a village in the mountains and nature.

This is a place worth accessing by train and not by car. The rack railway, goes through the gorge, on cliffs and over the river, on a route that will definitely impress you. If we go in the wintertime we can even enjoy the pleasures of skiing. There is plenty of snow.

The Palaestra of Olympia

Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games

The most sacred temple in ancient Greece, dedicated to Zeus, father to all gods. This is where the lighting of the Olympic Torch takes place. A ceremony that is performed several months before the Olympic Games every four years and signifies their beginning. With the aura of champions surrounding us we leave this sacred place and head to the lake of Kaiafas. A thin strip of land is all that separates it from the Ionian Sea. We can travel around it using the asphalt road on its circumference or walk along its picturesque trails all the way to the lake's shoreline.

Chapel on the side of Doxa Lake

Feneos, the Corinthian "Switzerland"

Our first stop is at Lake Stymphalia where according to mythology Hercules confronted and slew the Stymphalian birds, which was his his sixth labour. We will visit the modern Environment Museum. From there we will head to the valley of Feneos and the Doxa reservoir - an artificial lake of unique beauty that is a landmark of the area. The monastery near by is famous for its sweet rose petals.

Monemvasia rock in the distance

Monemvasia, a "ship of rock"

A journey to the magical castle-rock of the Peloponnese and a journey back in time. Cars are left outside, behind the gates to the town and as we enter and walk the coblestone alleys time goes back centuries.